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Skip's employs nearly 40 people, and employees have a habit of becoming family here. 


Matt Sobecki - Owner


After years of working various positions throughout the restaurant, from bussing to serving to managing the bar, and eventually cooking, Skip Sobecki's grandson, Matt, became a third-generation owner with his parents in 2013.


Fortunately for us, he inherited his family's skills in the kitchen, and remains as active an owner as his parents & grandparents before him, running the back of house and cooking nearly every night. Matt's level-headed nature makes him a natural at navigating the high-pressure task of running a restaurant with so many decades of high expectation to uphold.

Rhonda Sobecki​ - Partner

Rhonda's role in the restaurant has shifted over the years, and she's earned it. From being seen prominently in the front of the house as a previous owner, she is now a partner who has taken on creating delicious desserts for the restaurant, managing our wonderful farmer's market, and coordinating countless private events and caterings. You can still find her occasionally at the host stand, but we usually keep her too busy creating in the kictchen. Rhonda has an eye for beautiful things, whether it be treasures from her vendors, decor for the restaurant, or creating the charcuterie board of your dreams. If she's involved, you can believe it will be a vision, and we are lucky to have her. 


A small, but dedicated team works to keep things coordinated behind the scenes. The majority of the team of managers here at Skip's have been with the Sobecki family for a decade or more. Skip's in a family affair, with Bret still helping behind the scenes, and April stepping in to bartend or serve when we're in need. We know everyone calls their staff family, but treating each other as such is standard practice here. 


Mary Conlin & Anthony Chisholm are our Kitchen Managers. They work closely with Matt to keep the back of the house coordinated, and delicious food moving efficiently from our kitchen to you. They both order, develop new features and menu items, and prepare all of your classic favorites. Anyone who has worked in a restaurant knows that the kitchen is the heart of the operation, and ours happens to be a heart of gold. 

Rachel Blackwood is the newest member of our management team. We were thrilled when she joined us in late Spring/early Summer 2023 as our Bar Manager, bringing more than 15 years of experience to the table. Her bright personality and creative cocktail recipes have been a welcome addition to our family. Come have a drink (we recommend one of her signature features) and say hi! 


Tiffany Livengood is our Front of House Manager. She schedules and directs our all-star front of house staff, oversees all website and social media operations, helps coordinate in-house events, decorates desserts, and just generally works to execute Matt's plans smoothly and ensure both staff and guest satisfaction on a daily basis. You can find her at the host stand most nights. 

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